Gloria is a saint, a brilliant light, a song, a name and for us a fairytale essence and our guiding star. She is beautiful, intelligent and enjoy the good things in life. Happily travelling the world, she loves to collect precious things and memories that fills her heart with joy and speaks to all of her senses. Each and every thing you find in our boutique are things that gives meaning and joy to her.


Welcome to the magical world of GLORIA at Baixada Santa Eulatia 4 in Barcelona. We are located in one of Goticos most famous alleys.

On these ancient streets the stones are wispering, telling their stories that begin in the roman colony of Barcino - The roman name for Barcelona.

We feel truly blessed to be located in an area so full of history. Because of this, we want to be respectful to the past but also enabling the boutique to become part of the future and create new stories.